Does coffee really make you shorter?!

Question: Does coffee really make you shorter?
Does coffee really make you shorter? Does it really stop your growth? If so can you please tell me how and why and how long does it take to take into affect and how long does it last?


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I have been drinking a coffee a day for years and I'm nearly 6 foot

no. i have been drinking coffee since i was 2 and i'm still 5' 7" this is only a myth

life experience :)

No! I've been drinking coffe ever since I was 6 or 7 years old and I'm getting taller little by little each day. What jackass told you that?

Yeah it Does, I was like 5'11 and now i'm around 5'4 :(

Lmao, Course not silly.

No, coffee does no such thing. That's a silly myth.

No, that is a myth I drink coffee every day and I'm 5'11.

NO! That's just a foolish myth

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