What will provide energy accept energy drinks and coffee?!

Question: What will provide energy accept energy drinks and coffee?
I think I maybe addicted to energy drinks, what started as one a day to get me going has now turned into 3 a day that i must have or i cannot concentrate. I also tend to get really grumpy with out them, is there anything that isn't bad for me that will still provide me with energy?


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-Have an afternoon power snack.

A small healthy snack that is low in sugar and has protein and/or fiber a couple hours after lunch helps you finish off the day strong. Some suggestions:

* mixed nuts
* nonfat yogurt
* apple and peanut butter
* frozen berry smoothie
* trail mix
* granola bar

-Take a power nap.
-Don't smoke.
-Get Vitamin C
-Drink lots of water
-Eat small frequent meals

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Eat some protein.....almonds, nuts, meat, fish, peanut butter, beans, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, etc

Be careful with those energy drinks. I know someone who had a stroke from to much caffeine from to much coffee coupled with to many energy drinks!

Tea has varying amounts of caffeine as well, maybe you should substitute that. If you make it with tea bags and don't add much sugar its pretty healthy for ya. Nestea and such don't count, thats just sugar water.

Those energy drinks & coffee are just giving you caffeine to stimulate you.
This is not really energy, but agitation; similar to an addiction.
Energy actually comes from sugar, not caffeine.

An apple has more energy than a cup of coffee

Enough sleep and a healthy diet. Exercise works wonders as well.

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