If you add salt to supercooled water, will it freeze?!

Question: If you add salt to supercooled water, will it freeze?
I know supercooled water needs an ice crystal to catalyze the freezing process. Could adding salt after the water is supercooled be a nucleation site for the ice crystal?


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actually, you'll find that adding solute to water generally lowers its freezing point. That is why salt melts ice.

If it is 0 degrees celsius, Ideal water freezes. When you add salt to it, the salt is ionized by the water molecules, dissolving it into solution. It takes a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius (this is just an example, not an actual value) for the water to break its association with the ions and freeze as a pure substance.

Sorry if confusing

I'm not 100% sure, but I do know that the city uses salt to melt ice off the streets in the winter, so I assume that salt would not freeze

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