if you drink a lot of soda will you be "slow"?!

Question: If you drink a lot of soda will you be "slow"?
hi hi. i drank a lot of soda (BOOM) and i'm like seeing stuff weird, i don't know how to explain it. like i get overwhelmed all of the sudden. so does soda make you slow?


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It has many sugars and caffinatings.
This makes it hallucinations and jittery.
Maybe you have crash from it too?

You won't be slow but you will be well on your way to diabetes. There is 1 cup of sugar in 5 cans of pop or 3 tablespoons in 1 can

You will have a sugar rush. Add that to the caffeine in it and you will be a hyper hopped up dude

It's all psychological. You probably have a sugar rush and should lay off the soda. It won't make you slow, it will just make you temporarily hyper and in the long run, obese.

no lol it doesnt make you slow

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