Where Can I get this juice?!?!

Question: Where Can I get this juice?!?
I went to a sushi place the other day, and had a juice called Pokka AloeV juice drink with pulp bits + peach juice. It was in a can and SO GOOD! However, I can't find it anywhere besides some random websites that I am not sure are reliable. Does anyone know where I can get this? you can direct me to a website, but I would prefer a store/supermarket. Here is a picture:


Thanks in advance!


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you should ask the sushi place where or how to make it.

It sounds like something you might be able to find at an Asian market. Or you could ask at the sushi place if they know where to buy it or they might even sell you a case of it.

Try wegmans grocery store they have a lot of odd stuff like that

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