I have been craving tea but how much is too much?!

Question: I have been craving tea but how much is too much?
i just found out i was pregnant early this morning.. i have been craving tea like never before and i know that caffeine is bad for pregnancy... but how much tea am i allowed to drink?.. I know that when your pregnant your supposed to eat and drink what you crave but i have previous history of having miscarriage and i want to try to do everything possible to not have another one. so if anyone knows please let me know... Also i have a burning sensation in my low low belly. everytime i get gas, and i had that when i had my last two miscarriage just not when i had gas could it just be the gas or could it be another miscarriage coming on? =/


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Best to ask your Dr. since you have a history of miscarriages, they should have a list of all things you should or shouldn't do. (different from those who carry successfully)

Maybe a decaf-tea would be better. Or maybe a vitamin that would replace whatever ingredient you're craving. I craved cheese with my second.:))

Check on webmd.com you may find help there too.

Congrats and good luck!

I'd the most you can premit is two to three times a day, not too much sugar and not to strong.

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