Who knows what about Aspartame?!

Question: Who knows what about Aspartame?
The American Food and Drink industry stands accused of putting profit before safety by continuing to claim Aspartame is safe. Do you have thoughts on this?


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Many artificial fruit juices & squashes have this.

Robinson's fruit juice

Here is a link to a pdf of the most recent aspartame cancer study:
And here is an abstract:
(By the way, Soffritti conducted three long-term studies in recent years and all three studies showed a causal relationship between aspartame and cancer).
Many studies with dubious funding sources (Anjinamoto, Searle, Merisont, etc.) will attest to the safety of aspartame. Non-industry funded studies are found in this link:


yes i agree. its dangerous. anything that companies try to "Substitute" for something else is very dangerous. I have never used it and will never.


aspartame makes my children and my nieces and nephews hyperactive so avoid it totally.

The test results on poor innocent rats just add to my resolve to avoid it,

Be smart, don't drink anything with Aspartame.

i just try to stay away from the stuff.... i'm not risking a brain tumor for a better taste

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