When I drink water I get headaches?!

Question: When I drink water I get headaches?
I don't drink water ever, I mostly drink milk, if I drink water I get a headache, then when I drink coke the headache goes away. Is this some sort of desiese, or are there other people like me?


I am like you actually. I was thinking the same thing, until i started watching a new Health Program on T.V.. This is TOTALLY normal. When your body suddenly experiences a new 'substance', it needs time to get used to it. Example: Remember when you were a little kid, and you had to try a new food like Peas? You would think it tasted terrible, until your body started getting use to this new thing. That is exactly what happened with the water. The reason it happened to you is because your body had experienced water so suddenly. Coke relives your body of the new substance by replacing it. To get rid of the head-aches, just keep drinking water, and try to ignore the pain.

Hope this helps!


I had to train myself how to drink water as well, I used to drink juice all the time( never soda- the Aspartame will make you stupid and has side effects). It took time to get used to drinking water but I learned that it is easier to drink when you add some lemon in it and drink it with a straw. Try it! The more water you drink the more hydrated your brain will be so the less headaches you'll get.


you can possibly be ilergic to it i know it sounds strange but i have a friend and she is illergic to water and they have to give her this wierd jelly drink to hydrate her so she doesnt die because you need water to hydrate you other wise you can die and if thats not it then i have no idea unless you dont eat that much sugar i hope that helps

I would talk with your doctor or visit the Emergency Dept.

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