Should I start a smoothie stand?!

Question: Should I start a smoothie stand?
Lol, I'm recently jobless. My car died on Sunday on the freeway around 1 in the morning; I have no car. I need to pay for my tuition bills, my college text-books, health insurance, phone bills, and such. I'm desperate to get a job. =( Lol, should I start my own smoothie stand? If I do start one, can I put this "job" on my resume and would this count for added work experience?

I'm not gonna describe what kind of smoothie I want to make for my own "business." Lol, it is good.


sure, I would gladly put up some "seed" money for your business.

If you weren't in such a desperate situation, I'd say go for it. But this is not a good idea for you right now. A huge percentage of all new food/drink establishments fail right away. You need to go apply for real jobs you can count on. Starting a business costs money, which you do not have and cannot afford to risk anything you do have. Save this dream for later on in life.

Well ill be shittin ina tin can!!

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