How do I steam milk for a latte?!

Question: How do I steam milk for a latte?
I've been following the directions, but I can only ever seem to create foam on the top of the milk rather than keep it smooth throughout. Making latte art is nearly impossible! What am I doing wrong?


For cappuccino you want foam (with the wand nozzle near the milk's surface), for lattes you want steamed milk.

Submerge the nozzle before turning on the steam and keep the nozzle submerged at an angle so it creates a whirlpool effect. This will make a smooth microfoam that will make latte art possible (although not easier).…
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Boil milk in a pot, afrer it boil just take it out of gas and let it cool in air without covering it.

just put the milk on the pot and boil it on warm fire

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