fluoride in water supply, help?!

Question: Fluoride in water supply, help?
hi, i am aware of fluoride in the water supply and the harmful effects it has on the body. Fluoride was used in rat poison. Is it best to drink drinks with aspartame in or to drink water with fluoride in?. Do you see, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either way we are poisoning ourselves but what is better aspartame or fluoride? Thanks.


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>This is a very old argument that doesn't hold water. There are lots of chemicals used at low concentrations that have no long term health effects which are poisonous or toxic at higher levels of use. There has been all kinds of hysteria over this issue, people creating a hysterical issue out of nothing. Your alternative is to drink unsanitary water that carries diseases like typhoid and cholera, that is your alternative...I just don't want your alternative you see? I don't want to die now because of disease in the water so that you can feel a little bit better about yourself. I don't want to see other people die either due to disease. You do have an alternative you know...if you don't want to use water with flouride in it, buy bottled water and drink it.

I just want to say here too, there are all kinds of so called "scientific studies" created by mythologists and hysteria that says there is something wrong with flouride in water. Fact is, that flouride helps to also prevent tooth decay as one of the benefits, besides ensuring a safe drinking water supply.

you can get distilled water in most stores/supermarkets, but without the mineral content you could get ill.
you can also kiss your teeth goodbye.


it's probably better to drink water with fluoride. that's kind of essential for us. if you're on well water, it won't have fluoride and you need fluoride tablets. that was the case where i live. we were on well water and took tablets.


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