are you hospital bound if you drink a bottle of tabasco?!

Question: Are you hospital bound if you drink a bottle of tabasco?
can you sleep it off or are you bound to call the paramedics?


I doubt a person would need to go to the hospital but you wouldn't be able to sleep. The pain would keep you up all night plus you'd probably vomit and get diarrhea. It wont be any fun unless ur watching some idiot doing it

I guess it would depend on your stomach. If you have ulcers or stomach cancer then it not only would send you to the hospital but you might develope internal bleeding and die. Not to mention even with a healthy stomach it is likely to cause acid burns in the stomach lining and that can lead to ulcers and cancer later on.

AMA Journal of Medicine

You might get a lot of Heartburn and also might have to go to the washroom a lot but I don't think you would need to go to the hospital for it.

why didn;t you just buy some vodka and clamato juice and make bloody caesers at least when you were in the bathroom all night you would have had a buzz and not a burning a...

You will need to drink a large amount of water, and milk, and It may burn like hell after a bowel movement, but you should be fine.

me personally, hospital bound as I have a stomach condition that prevents me from eating anything remotely spicy

Well...if you are not hospital bound, you will be bathroom bound

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