Can you drink too much milk?!

Question: Can you drink too much milk?
I'm only 15 years old. I don't think I'm lack tos in tolerant. I usaully drink a glass (2cups for me) I had 9cups today. Before I went to bed I was ready to throw up. I HATE VOMITING. Little scared of it. Turns out only was diarreah. Nut should I drink less milk, was that the source of the stomach ache?


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No, because I don't want too.

I don't think your case is lactose intolerant, but "stopping" intolerant.

You can you too much of anything!

Moderation in all things.

yes you can.

of course! it gets to hard to digest if you drink all of it at the same time.

no drinking milk is very healthy for health so don't loose it.

yes. why would u drink 9 cups of milk..?

My mama always told me too much of anything is ad for you

Mom D:

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