What happens exactly to your body when you drink soda every day?!

Question: What happens exactly to your body when you drink soda every day?
I consume one can of Mountain Dew a day.


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So do I, at least most days. Sometimes two. The difference is that I only drink diet soda... turns out that I don't like the feel or taste of sugared sodas... feels like my teeth gets coated/covered with sugar when I do drink 'em. Blech.

I can tell you that sugary drinks are one of the leading causes of childhood obesity and tooth decay (along with sugary gum, for the tooth decay).

I have heard that the carbonation in soda will interfere with the calcium uptake in your bones, potentially leading to weaker bone structure later in life, but I honestly haven't seen or researched the scientific validity of that statement.

I pretty much need caffeine on a daily basis to function - I have a hard time getting enough sleep most days, and I like having the extra little pick-me-up anyways.

Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning that it depletes your body's water. Less water means things like higher blood pressure, and that's bad. So if you drink pop, drink water too, ie at least an equal amount of it (which you should be doing anyways). Since caffeine is a stimulant, it can be hard on your heart... which is another reason to drink more water and keep your caffeine intake at moderate levels.

I have heard, anecdotally and without scientific evidence to back it up, that the coloring agent (yellow #5?) and the bromine in the brominated vegetable oil can reduce sexual function in men (ie, impotence). I am skeptical of these claims, but haven't researched them either. Seems somewhat unlikely, given the amount of pop the public consumes.

I think that a moderate amount of pop isn't necessarily harmful, but it's one of those 'keep it in moderation' things, and make sure you've got a decent diet and are properly hydrating yourself.


Sugar is in fruit. So all the myths about soft drinks being bad for you are just that, a myth. Dont get sucked in by the conspiricy theorists. They have no solid evidence.

Mountain Dew has a ton of sugar and caffeine. It is also a carbonated soda so you are drinking carbon dioxide.

you get lots of sugar! exactly~ and sugar is diabetes' best friend.

you get lots of sugar!

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