Chemicals in water? Tap VS bottled?!

Question: Chemicals in water? Tap VS bottled?
I heard that there are 75,000 chemicals in water one is weed killer. My cousin says bottled water is better because the water is clean, usually from a natural spring, and has less chemicals then tap. True?


Actually, tap water and bottle water are exactly the same. The thing with bottled water is that they add ozone so it lasts' longer.

Nope. Bottled water is not regulated the way public utility water (ie city water) is, and is not regularly policed by any particular government agency. I see bottled water as often tasting better (at least, that's how it seems sometimes) and being more convenient, but also far, far overpriced. I'll buy 'em for the bottle sometimes.

Look up and watch Penn & Teller's show "Bullsh*t" for a pretty decent rundown on bottled water. Don't remember what season that particular episode is from. Great show.


>Spring water has to be tested for pesticides and heavy metals, just like normal drinking water under the Safe Drinking Water Act. There really is no difference in testing requirements.

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