i love to eat shrimps are they good?!

Question: I love to eat shrimps are they good?
If i eat 4 to 5 pcs of shrimps (grilled) every day? what will be the side effects and good effects on my?
health and body?
please dont suggest wiki and google
please guide how many time i should eat in a week


Shrimp is very good for you. They do contain cholesterol, but less than, say, eggs, which a lot of people eat all the time. It's nothing to worry about if the rest of your diet is basically healthy and balanced.

Here's a great article about the health benefits of eating shrimp:

Side effects? You could get sick of eating shrimp OR develop an allergy. This happened to me with King Crab Legs. My lower lip would swell up simply HUGE. Never had any diagnosed allergy throughout my life but my doc/dermatolgist both agreed it was due to over exposure. Good effects? You're enjoying eating yummy shellfish! Although shrimp are low in fat, they tend to be high in cholesterol. Even if you don't have this as a concern, it wouldn't be something, I imagine, any Registered Dietitian or Physician would recommend. Contacting a R.D. in your area to get the low down might help. I personally love shrimp, grilled, fried, cocktail style, you name it. Moderation, IMHO is key. Check the serving size and go from there. Hope this helps.

Shrimp is good lean protein, low in calories. It is versatile and simple to prepare! You can probably do a lot worse.

Things to be careful:
It can be expensive. Don't overdo on shrimp and crowd out your veggies and whole grains.
Lots of different cooking methods. Choose wisely. The goop you cook or dip them in may not be good for you. But there are plenty of really flavor packed and healthy ways to serve shrimp.
Need to handle it properly, as is true with all meat, esp seafood, so you don't get sick.

Here is an entry from Nutrition Data website which offers a really detailed analysis:

My suggestion is to look up the nutrients offered by shrimp and see if there are problems associated with getting too much.

well if you like the shrimp

good effects = satisfied hunger and happiness from delightful food

side effects = you will have to poop eventually

common sense

If you eat little than it is good.more it give side effect.

it won't really affect your health at all.

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