Can I use espresso to make regular coffee?!

Question: Can I use espresso to make regular coffee?
I have a brick of espresso (100% cafe puro)
I was wondering if I could use it in a regular coffee maker and make coffee.
Maybe use less?



Just use a bit less. The main difference between coffee and espresso is the size of the grounds, since the espresso grounds are finer they will have more water run over more surface area.

Worked in a cafe for 2 years


Espresso is just a dark roast. In fact, not even the darkest roast. I frequently brew espresso beans in my drip machine. Keep in mind that if you have pre-ground espresso, the grind may be too fine for a drip cone and is definately too fine for a perk or french press. Use exactly the same amount of espresso as you would another roast.

Yes,you can use espresso to make regular coffee.

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