Using filter coffee in a stove-top espresso maker?!

Question: Using filter coffee in a stove-top espresso maker?
I have malt filter coffee, but no longer a filter coffee machine. All I have is a stove-top espresso maker. Will the malt filter taste rubbish if I use it in the stove-top or do I need to buy espresso coffee? I assume it makes not that much difference but maybe it just will taste kind of crap.


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filter coffee is not ground as finely as espresso coffee. End result is that an espresso maker will make weaker coffee from filter coffee than it will from espresso coffee, and some flavours may be lost because the water passes too quickly through the coffee.

Old fashioned pot coffee is also made on the stove, put coffee with cold water (one spoon per cup) and warm it up until it boils. Once you get the first signs of boiling, immediately take the coffee of the stove and let it sit for a bit (so the coffee grounds go to the bottom), pour carefully so you don't get lots of grounds in the cup.

Well what you get from this is a not as good coffee, you can still get good coffee
but it will not be quite as good as it would be with a regular coffee maker. The coffee will
not be as strong as well.


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