how do I make my coffee at home taste like it does at starbucks?!

Question: How do I make my coffee at home taste like it does at starbucks?
I buy pikes place from a starbucks store. I have them grind it according to the type of filter I use. I have a decent coffee maker. I just cant get my coffee to taste as rich and w/ the same flavor as it does in starbucks. Starbucks has a kind of bitter and really strong taste. When I brew it at home it does taste good, just not as good as it does at starbucks. I'm wondering if it has to do with the heat of the water. Please help me with help full and informative information.


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Brew it stronger, and filter the water. Use a French Press if you have one. Then serve it in a paper cup.

The beans they sell aren't going to be as fresh as the ones they use. Also, if possible, grind your own beans right before using.

Well but there roast and then get a decent coffee maker, nothing fancy, they do not
need to be amazing to make you good coffee. And this should be it, even though it will
not taste exactly like how starbucks makes it, you can still make coffee that are like it.

If you wanted to do better then buy yourself a better coffee maker, they do help you out.


Water temperature is important (must be boiling or right below the boiling temp) and the taste of the water. I usually leave my water for cooking and watering the plants out for 24 hours (12 at a minimum) to lose the chlorine.

Buy whole bean coffee and store the bag in the freezer, use an electric coffee grinder, use non-bleached filters, use bottled water and a good steam infusion capachino maker.

They are most likely using french presses for their "drip" or "regular" coffee. French press gives a more rich and fuller taste with a bigger body flavor.

what water is used, temp, duration, type of filters used if containere is enclosed (pressureized) or open

Latte? Boil the coffee, sugar and full-fat milk (not from powdered milk) in a saucepan.

Buy a french press.

Dip a skunk in it.

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