Why is it that he gets the same drink?!

Question: Why is it that he gets the same drink?
Why is it that when you are with a guy, and you get a drink, he gets the same drink? I just think it's strange. Is it supposed to mean something?


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He has a two for one coupon.

He might want to impress upon you how compatible he is with you, and by having the same drink he is showing you that you and he have the same taste, or that he values your suggestions. Or, he may not be an experienced drinker, and doesn't know what to order, so he orders the same as you.

I do think its strange. It may be that he wants to show you he likes the same tings you do however as a man I know what I like and don't like and would not get a drink based on what you may like.

Ask for a creme de menthe frappe darling - if he has one too then you know you're in trouble.

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