I am trying to stop drinking soda right now and I have such a bad craving at the moment, how do I fix this?!

Question: I am trying to stop drinking soda right now and I have such a bad craving at the moment, how do I fix this?
Should I give in?


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No, don't give in. Believe me you can do it. I went 3 months without pop and my friend's sister went for a year! I know a guy who has only drank 2 sodas in his whole lifetime and someone else who hasn't drank one for 23 years!

If you can't resist the urge think about this.

A Can of coke and dissolve a nail in 24 hours.

if you put a T-bone steak into a bowl and cover it completely with Coka-Cola, it will be gone in 48 hours (Bone and everything)

High fructose corn syrup does the same thing to your liver that alcohol does to your Liver. (All Soda contains High fructose corn syrup)

Try drinking something healthy like a fruit smoothie! It tastes better and it makes you feel great and gives you energy! =)

Hope I helped! =)

If you are going to drink soda, the best one to drink is sprite. It does not have caffiene in it and has a lower amount of sugar. Just stopping on sodas can be really hard, but if you can quit all together it is better. If you absolutely cant, one every once in a while will be okay as long as you cut down gradually. Just make a rule starting out that you should drink three glasses of water before you drink a soda. This means you should never have more than two cokes a day, and water fills you up so the chances of you wanting to drink a soda after sipping on three glasses of water a day are slim. Also water is very important and can help other cravings like food and over eating.

oh i also saw a comment where someone said that propels arnt bad. They are not good for you at all. It would be better for you to drink a gatorade before you do a propel. Propel has something in it that is known for making you more thirsty, which adds on calories because you are constantly drinking the stuff. It is also loaded with sugar, so there is no point of drinking that over soda.

i know exactly what you are talking about. i bought 7 oz Cokes. They are expensive, but not as bad as regular ones. I also got some Propel which isn't bad.

Drink tea it contains the caffeine your craving and healthy antioxidants.

dont give in drink some juice or another good drink but not water when i did that i drank water and after that totally gave in

drink a whole bunch of water until you dont feel like drinking soda anymore

NO...chew some gum

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