What happened to Vanilla Coke? the Soda?!

Question: What happened to Vanilla Coke? the Soda?
A while ago they came up with this Vanilla Coke, it was pretty good, i liked it, and i would buy it. Except i dont know what happened to it.

Well anyways do you know if its still around?
If not, What sodas are just like it?


I see it all the time in grocery stores in San Diego. The 12-pack of cans, mostly. Regular and diet. And, it is good, especially with whisky or rum.

Not sure where you are at, but here in Seattle I see it on the shelves. Have you searched online for a seller? You could also simply drip a bit of pure vanilla extract into your coke and Voila!

The store and being a mixologist.

I believe I saw it recently being sold by the 12 pack of cans. I never see single bottles or 2 liter bottles any more. Too bad, I liked it.

Uhh..it sucked. Get cream soda. Its good.

Ye olde grocer

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