0_0 Is it possible for bottled water to be contaminated?!

Question: 0_0 Is it possible for bottled water to be contaminated?
...There's a bunch of white particles floating in multiple bottles of my Alsopure brand water bottles, and I'm actually TERRIFIED to drink it because I'm afraid that it could be contaminated. Originally, they were in the trunk of my mom's car, and they were frozen solid but thawed out when my mom ran water over them. Are these particles there because of the frozen ice thawing out in the sink?

PLEASE respond quick, I'm thirsty. XD


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It might be contaminated but it may have extra vitamin and minerals that give it the particles that are in. If you shake it i find that water sometimes has that in it.

freezing doesn't leave particles. It could have been contaminated when it was bottled.

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