what is the point of decaf coffee?!

Question: What is the point of decaf coffee?
do people really enjoy coffee for taste alone? I mean I drink coffee most days, but no caffeine woud undermine its entire reason for being. There's a reason no one ever invented non-alcoholic moonshine, "yeah I just drink it for the revolting gag reflex."


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I like it when I am trying to cut down on caffeine. I think it is part because I fool my body into satisfying the addiction to coffee, without the stimulant. I also do like the taste of coffee (good coffee anyway). I remember before the whole cafe craze where coffee was just coffee, but now it is as culinarily varied as wine.

I love coffee, but don't need caffeine to get me going. If caffeine is your life support system, then decaf is pointless; otherwise good decaf tastes as good as regular and won't give you the shakes or keep you up at night.

Booze was designed for the effect, coffee is brewed for the flavor. There's really no equivalence between them. People tolerate disgusting tasting alcohols because they want to get drunk, but the drink coffee because they love it (as well as to get moving).

Coffee is good for you in many ways. It has proven health benefits and decaf has been shown to be even better for you. The caffeine added to your cosmetics (the biggest buyers of caffeine), headache medicines, diet pills, and soda comes from coffee beans. If people didn't like decaf, those would be much more expensive as well.

I roast my own beans (both regular and decaf) and have seven ways to brew coffee.

Yes, I enjoy coffee for the taste alone...while I agree that decaf coffee is kind of pointless....I also found myself drinkimg it when I was pregnant. I wasn't allowed to have ANY caffeine (high risk pregnancy)...not even the amount in chocolate.

LOL. I drank non-alcoholic beer when I was pregnant too...helps produce breast milk, and beer is good. Moonshine on the other hand...bleh...tastes like gasoline.

Some people are sensitive to caffeine but like the taste of coffee.

Non-alcoholic beer is a big seller too.

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