Do you like Dr. Pepper?!

Question: Do you like Dr. Pepper?
I'm 21 Years Old, and I just drank my first Dr. Pepper can, it was delicious (:
In Melbourne we don't have many of them, so it's hard to get your hands on one.

BQ: Do you like colour of the Ocean? What colour do you prefer?


yes, I grew up drinking Dr. Pepper. It's very easy to get in the Northeast US (near NYC)

BQ: Live 300 feet from the Atlantic can hear the ocean as I type, been ocean swimming since i was 5 years old, love it when it is a crystal clear blue on a white sand beach.

Dr.Pepper is okay but not every day.
My favorite colors are Purple, Midnight Purple and Mother Of Pearl.
It's kind of hard to explain Mother Of Pearl but I know some Chevy Malibu's come in that color.
It's like a white/baby blue when it hits the light

Big Pepsi fan

Yes-I seldom drink soda but when I do it's Dr. Pepper or root beer. I order Tim Tams on line, maybe you could get it that way?
I do like the color of the ocean, except when it is full of petroleum.

They're hard to find here too. And no, I don't really like it at all... too many years of drinking Coke made me super sensitive to differences in flavour.

I like the ocean no matter what colour it is.

I have a shop just round the corner from me that always has Dr. Pepper but I can't find it anywhere else so far and I like colour of the ocean haha

DR PEPPER is the bomd diggidy and the ocean colour could be better but it doesn't bother me


My Taste Buds.

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