My brother drinks 16 cans of Pepsi Max.. a day.?!

Question: My brother drinks 16 cans of Pepsi Max.. a day.?
Me and my Mum have just been discussing whether it was actually a gradually lethal dose of Pepsi to be having on such a regular basis. My brother's a special case, he doesn't eat meat, vegetables because of an eating disorder he's had since about the age of 5, so obviously with so much Pepsi and JUST Pepsi going inside his body, at such huge quantities; it's a big worry. He works out and is a normal weight due to his muscle mass. (Least, he looks alright. But that's just from what we see on the outside. Besides acne, but he's only 18.)

He's in university, he's very intelligent, so it's a surprise to me actually he doesn't understand the rebounds of it. He's an awesome guy and we know he wont take criticism lightly, but we don't want to alienate ourselves or tell him what he should or should not be doing. Any help? Should we seek medical help or just have a sit down with him?


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Well, its definately not healthy, but its not "lethal" as you say. He should be eating other things too, to get all the daily nutrients you need... but I'm sure a lot of college kids eat worse. I would let it be.…

I don't think it is healthy because your body can only consume so much caffeine a day and each can of Pepsi Max contains about 12% of caffeine. So its not healthy and if this keeps up you should probably go get medical attention (not like serious medical attention) but like go to the doctors office and get a diet of meat and veggies and limit the amount of caffeine he intakes daily.

Good Luck-

The regular exercise is a help however that much pepsi and no health foods is a very big problem because he may be physically fit but his body isn't receiving the nutrients it needs and may cause major health problems so I think at the moment have a sit down with him. Be gentle and show that you only care about what is best for him. If he refuses then seek medical help

There's a television show called "Freaky Eaters" that had an episode of a gal who drank up to 30 cans of coke a day and when she did eat is was mostly high sugar items. The outlook for her didn't look good. You might ask where you can see this online. I wasn't able to find you a link. The show is pretty good.

The episode was called "Addicted to Cola".

I'm surprised that he can handle/digest the high fructose corn syrup. Four cans of pepsi gave me IBS, irital bowel syndrome.

It is amazing what young bodies can withstand. It will catch up with him eventually.

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