Whats best Pepsi or Coca Cola?!

Question: Whats best Pepsi or Coca Cola?


Coke > Pepsi Max > Coke Zero > Pepsi > Diet Pepsi > Diet Coke

However, the Coca-Cola company has Cherry Coke, so Coke clinches it. :D

Coke Zero, Pepsi has an odd taste to it...would have said Diet Coke a while back, but Coke Zero has all the flavour of regular Coke but none of the furry teeth feeling!

Brand never matters for me but it has to be regular-flavored diet cola for me.

Coca Cola tastes better and has less sugar than Pepsi.

Both taste as good as the other; except Pepsi is more bubbles than drink.

Coca Cola

and original only


Coca Cola, Pepsi is far to sweet.

Coca Cola by far.

I agree with Krish. Pepsi is sweeter, and I like it better than Coke.

Both ok but both overpriced.



Diet Pepsi.

Pepsi has more sugar in it

I think pepsi is best.

Both are bad~


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