Is this enough water to drink for the day ?!

Question: Is this enough water to drink for the day ?
i drink or try to drink 2 propel bottles each day each bottle has 2 cups of water in it. I am on my 1 so is 4 cups of water enough for 1 day?


*-I think the need to drink water varies from one
individual to other ....!
If u feel healthy & satiated with 4 cups of water,
then it sure is ok ....!
But once in a while u can try drinking a cup more
just to see the difference it makes !!~?
All the best !

You only need to listen to your body. If you are thirsty then you should drink. There's nothing magical about 8oz of water 8 times/day. People often overlook the amount of water that is present in the foods that they eat and how much that actually contributes to overall hydration.

American Physiological Society…

That should be fine as long as you have a healthy diet. Food contains water, this is also taken into account when talking about water consumption.

You're "supposed" to drink at least 8 cups of water every day.

You should be drinking 8, 8oz of water

yes its plenty!

yes it is

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