Is it normal to feel uncomfortable after drinking coffee?!

Question: Is it normal to feel uncomfortable after drinking coffee?
My breathing seems heavier and my chest feels a bit uncomfortable. This doesn't always happen when I drink coffee. When I have Starbucks, I don't get this feeling, but when it's brewed stronger and more bitter, I have this feeling. Is there a reason for this discomfort?


*-It surely is not normal !
But then maybe u cannot tolerate stronger &
more bitter coffee or too much caffeine
doesn't suit yr constitution ....!
So avoid strong coffee & stick to the normal
variety !!~?

Its from too much caffeine. I feel weird and jittery after I drink too much.

I think it is not normal.

It is not normal. Try to drink decaf or drink water to hydrate yourself :)

no,it is not normal.

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