I am addicted to coke, please help!?!

Question: I am addicted to coke, please help!?
Hey my name is Courtney and I am 16 and I am addicted to coke! like I mean coca cola lol. Well I don't know if I am addicted but I drank it everyday for like the past 9 days, usually either a can but mostly a fountain drink. I usually only drink 1 but I drank a few sometimes.

okay so like it was exam time and i was stressed out a lot and eating lots of junk, I dont care about my weight because I am super light. Normally when i used to drink lots of coke/pepsi like after a few days maybe i just felt a weird burning sensation for a bit but that didnt happen.

I said ok I would stop but then i would go to a restaurant or something with friends and end up drinking it.

yesterday i ate at home and i was so thirsty and i didtn drink water and i just drank an entire pepsi. i said i was gonna stop but then today my mom bought me dinner and also brought a coke.

then tomorrow i am going out wtih friends, then again on monday and ill try not to drink it..

is this really dangerous? please help.



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try to drink water it way better then sodas drinking sodas every day could hurt something in your body


No not really dangerous imo. I drink a lot of coke, I usually have one bottle a day (the small one, not 2 litre). Try red bull, thats a nice drink as well. I don't think coke is bad for you, but too much of it is. I also heard people say never drink coke on an empty stomach, like dont drink it before your breakfast

hey you should not drink coke too much. Instead of it you should drink dew it is not like coke.

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