What alcoholic drinks have zero calories?!

Question: What alcoholic drinks have zero calories?

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The calories are minimal.

Cut back on your lunch or dinner calories to break even if, you like to drink

None that I know of. Typically a shot of hard liquor will have between 60-100 calories. What you choose to mix it with will add calories. I like to drink vodka with club soda and lime (tonic water has calories) or rum and diet coke.

Personal experience

you can get jim beam zero coke cans... or try adding diet sodas to your chosen spirit (bourbon, vodka etc)

this would be the best ways for LEAST amount of cals

who cares about calories calories don't make you fat you make yourself fat

*-All alcoholic drinks are calorie laden ....!!~?

all alcoholic drinks have calories.

That would be impossible.

None of them, sorry.

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