How would a teenager make some iced coffee with NO instant coffee with ingredients that would be at home?!

Question: How would a teenager make some iced coffee with NO instant coffee with ingredients that would be at home?

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you mentioned no INSTANT coffee so why not brew strong coffee.
what exactly is at your house? if you have creamer or heavy cream, water, ice and sugar....then you're good!!

Make coffee in whatever way you normally do. But make it very strong, at least double the strength you usually do, triple if you usually make weak coffee (because the ice will dilute it).

Pour coffee into a tall glass until half-full and add cream and sugar as you like, but with slightly less cream and slightly more sugar than usual (because the ice will dilute it).

Then fill the glass up with ice and stir until the coffee is cold.

A teenager would need ground coffee, water, ice, and a coffeemaker if he didn't have instant coffee. He would also need a coffee filter if his coffeemaker didn't have a "permanent" filter. You can also omit the ice if you don't mind putting your mug of coffee in the fridge for a while. If you only have whole beans, you'll need a coffee grinder, too.

There is a way to brew coffee without a coffeemaker (you can google it), but it can be extremely messy and you can burn yourself.

If you have all the things I mentioned, brew some double-strength coffee (if you'll be adding ice it will dilute the coffee). If you've never done this before, follow the coffeemaker directions or google the directions for your brand and model. Putting in twice the amount of ground coffee will make it double-strength. Then simply pour it into a glass and add ice, and milk and sugar too, if you like. If you're going to let it cool in the fridge, pour it into a mug, not a glass (so it doesn't crack from the temperature change).

Have your parents show you how to brew coffee, or keep some instant coffee in the house. You can also buy coffee ready-made in cans and keep them in the fridge, which is much easier!

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