i cannot stop drinking ? [non-alcohol]?!

Question: I cannot stop drinking ? [non-alcohol]?
well since a few hours ago, i just couldnt stop drinking stuff. if i dont my throat is really dry.


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If you have not been doing strenuous exercise and there is no obvious cause such as a throat infection please see a doctor.


If you haven't yet, try drinking only water.

Sugary juices or sodas, especially things like lemonade, will not quench your thirst.

Wow, that's really weird. If this happens for more than a few days, you should see a doctor.

My throat is one of those cases that is vital and is going to demand experienced aid regarding

Very strange. You might just be incredibly dehydrated.

try water with electrolytes 365 wholefoods brand or coconut water very good and quenching

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