Non-alcoholic drinks, or some way to go out again?!

Question: Non-alcoholic drinks, or some way to go out again?
Single guy, 28, L.A.

I got a DUI in 2008. Nothing crazy, just got pulled over coming back from a bar w/a friend, over the limit, in CA.

It basically put a stop to my social life. Since college, almost every social event, going out, hanging out, pretty much involved drinking. And now, the rule in CA is, for several years after the DUI (I got 5), you can't have ANY alcohol in your system while driving, even within the .08 limit, or you get a 2nd DUI.

But this ain't Brooklyn, you have to drive everywhere in CA.

So you can imagine what that means -the constant explaining to people why you can't drink, the asking friends for rides, -ugh.

I'd love to find a way to feel great going out and doing stuff, without either ordering o'douls all night, or drinking and having my ****** pucker shut on the way home, every time I see a car I mistakenly think is a cop. ;p


p.s. Please no "blow-hard cop" answers. You know what I'm talking about. Thanks.


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I congratulate you on not breaking the law and getting another DUI... jail time for sure.

I rarely drink but my friends don't bug me. A coke looks the same as a rum and coke.

Some folks find they need to hang out with new friends.

jail staff

You got me... Hi, I found a link where u can try.

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