Is icy-cold drinks bad for you in any way?!

Question: Is icy-cold drinks bad for you in any way?
Basically drinks with ice. Its very hot here in Australia atm, and everyday, i'm drinking icy drinks especially water. I just stick a bottle of water in the freezer overnight and I just drink about 2 bottles everyday.

Is icy drinks bad for you?


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Most of the answers above are full of CRAP!
Drinking ice-cold beverages has ZERO ill effect on your body. In fact, some studies have suggested that your metabolism may work a bit harder to keep your body temperature up when you consume cold drinks!

What you need to worry more about is what you are pouring over the ice- high sugar/calorie drinks do not benefit you in any way. The human body's best hydrator is plain old water- we are 70% water ourselves, nothing else is better!

I used to pooh pooh people's comments that drinking icy cold drinks is bad for digestion. But it's based on research. You should drink warm or hot drinks to aid in digestion. Hey, the good thing is that you are keeping hydrated! Eat lots of fiber along with your icy cold drink!

Icy drinks actually absorb into you blood stream quicker then normal temperature liquids, and also more gets into the blood :)
So drink your 8 cups of water a day, but if they are icy cold, you should only need about 5 :) ohh yeah

my step mum told me

yes, bad for your organs... also i have heard that ice cold drinks tend to solidify greasy foods in your stomach, which sounds pretty nasty to me

Only if they lack alcohol!

no, it's not bad for you.

i chocked on an ice cube on my twelfth birthday it was scary

not really.

no, it's good that you stay hydrated!

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