how much water can you have before it gets too much?!

Question: How much water can you have before it gets too much?
i drink a 2l bottle of water everyday, however my mum doesnt like me doing so and i was curious on how much water is to bad for you?


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More than 1/2 gallon is probably pretty bad for you.

2 litres per day is fine. There is such a thing as water-toxicity, but it is more directly related to how FAST you drink water and not how much, but it is still possible to drink too much water.

Sip your 2 litres throughout the day and you will be just fine

well it depends on your size and what ur doing but a 2 liter bottle of water a day is good. past that probably isnt good, but again, it depends on ur size.

i would say half a liter to a liter more.

too much can actually cause death.

too much water is a no no

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