how unhealthy is this breakfast?!

Question: How unhealthy is this breakfast?
ok i ate half a pound of pork bacon fried 5 large eggs and a quarter of a block of pepper jack cheese i cooked my bacon and eggs in the same canola oil how unhealthy is that if i ate it on a regular basis or is it healthy


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You have got to be kidding!
How much do you weigh?
There isn't so much wrong with WHAT you eat
but how much of it you eat.
A bacon & eggs breakfast is fine,
but in moderation. all things in MODERATION

Can U dig it?

Cooking your eggs and bacon in canola oil is the worst part of it. Especially since you pretty much fried your breakfast minus the cheese. The fat and cholesterol levels of that food is through the roof! If you ate that regularly, you'd probably have a heart attack very soon. At least, I wouldn't be suprised if you did or not.

The only way this could possibly be seen as healthy is that it has a lot of protein and will fill you up, however it has a lot of bad fats in it so i would advise you try to avoid eating this very often!! sounds delicious if i didn't care about my weight at all lol xx

The canola oil is better choice than other oils.
The eggs are healthy, but i'd say 5 is too far.
The cheese is pure fat, and the fried bacon is just as bad - i hope you cut the fat off.

It's fine maybe once a fortnight. No more unless you want a heart attack.

Sounds like my dad before he went on his diet.
That sounds really gross, I'm sorry.
That is extremely unhealthy for you.
My dad cut that crap out and now he weighs 170 and he's 6 feet tall.
He used to weigh 250.

Soooooooooooo not healthy. You should limit yourself to less cheese and bacon. Eat slow so you get full faster. This will help.

This is a terrible breakfast -- you forgot the Turducken.

the bacon is the most unhealthiest. this combination will lead to, eventually, high cholestral.

Urm very unhealthy

Wow that was very unhealthy

I would nickname it heart attack

are you still alive?

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