Does coffee make people feel chilly?!

Question: Does coffee make people feel chilly?
What is the reason for coffee inducing a chilling sensation?


coffee absorbs plastic residue from plastic vessels,,,and bleach from white (bleached) filters.
thousands of vietnam vets developed diabetes after exposure to agent orange(dioxin),a dow corp chemical made as a defoliant,,,docors dissmissed the connection for years,I E,chemicals have deleterious effects on human biology.
dioxin is produced when sodium hypochlorite encounters stomach hydrochloric acid.
the stuff is inflammatory to the pancreas,,,,,vets returning home to mainstream society would quickly
get sick when exposed again through simply drinking plastic brewed coffee w white filters,
treatedby VA & army ,civilian doctors as though they were nuts,and mainstream drs often are still clueless
to this day.
the one simple symptom has miles of history behind it.You might try boiling the coffee
straight from a steel or copper line like the brits,germans and french do, in a glass or steel pot,or enameled caraffe & fine steel filter,,,,,slurp up some brew,see if the symptom occurs

Idk about that but I drink coffe instead of hot chocate to warm me up lol

Probably the caffine or somethin.

it makes me feel warm.
Each person is different.

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