what energy drink contains Dhea?!

Question: What energy drink contains Dhea?

It's a new drink called P.E.D.(Performance Enhancing Drink), it's flavors are Cherry Bonds, Grape Ape & Lemon Demon. It's obviously marketed as a blatent cheating supplement. It has Caffeine, DMAA, DHEA, Tribulus Terrestis, & Taurine. It even says on the bottle (yes glass bottle) "This Product WIll Make You Test Positive For Performance Enhancing Drugs." Nothing in it is illegal, but some ingredients are banned by the Olympics, Anti-Doping Agency and Professional Sports. It's close to $10 a bottle, but if you drink one before a workout or game, Pppsssshhhh!!! Wow! You will definately feel stronger and clearer. It's truly amazing. I only wish it was a little cheaper.


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