are the bubbles in lemonade made of gas or liquid?!

Question: Are the bubbles in lemonade made of gas or liquid?
are the bubbles in lemonade made of gas or liquid


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Carbon Dioxide - Gas.

Depends upon the definition of the bubble. If it's defined as the meniscus that completely surrounds a small pocket of gas, then it's liquid.

But that would be an incorrect definition as the bubble is the material that causes said meniscusation to form, so the contents of a bubble would be gaseous. And it would largely be composed of carbin dioxide.

Gas! It's carbon dioxide. It's in all bubbly non-alcoholic drinks.

both. the inside of a bubble is gas and the outside of a bubble is liquid.


i'm pretty sure they are made of gas,because air is gas,and since they are bubbles,they're gas...

it contains both i.e. gas as well as liquid.......

the right answer is liquid

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