How many types of tea do you drink?!

Question: How many types of tea do you drink?
I just counted 13 types of tea in my cupboard! Lol!

How many do you have?

I have oolong, redbush, nettle, peppermint, nettle/peppermint, dandelion, chamomile, rosehip, fennel, aniseed/fennel/cardamom, ginger/hibiscus, 'Calm' which is redbush/lavender/chamomile/cocoa husks and black tea with rose. Oh, and ordinary Tetley for guests - that's 14 :)


Let me try counting without looking at my cupboard

Pu erh
Darjeeling White
Earl Grey
Earl Grey decaffeinated
English Breakfast
Bi Luo Chun
Da Hong Pao
Masalai Chai
Dong Ding
Wild berries

Oh 23 are all I can remember.

i have dozens, but honestly do not enjoy any herbal or fruit teas.
the only tea i always come back to is a good strong indian black tea such as assam.
served in bone china, made in a pot properly, with semi skimmed milk and a single white sugar lump!

What about White tea?? very expensive though.
then you can get infusions which and a blend of flavours.
like Canberry, Raspberry and Elderflower, yum yum!
Lemon and ginger is nice too.

I have five different teas in the house right now, but I drink many more. When I run out of one, I usually replace it with something I haven't had in a while.

I usually drink rooibos tea at least 3 times a day but if I'm out I'll drink normal black tea with milk. Sometimes I drink horesetail tea too.

i have earl grey, peppermint, sleepytime, tension tamer, raspberry, earl grey green tea, and orange pekoe right now. i love tea!!

1 only.. oolong's a good and delicious tea

Only one ....................
That is ginger tea.....................................…

Iced Tea and Green Tea

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