The truth about green tea?!

Question: The truth about green tea?
I don't drink tea.. ( I hate hot drinks )

But people keep saying how good green tea is .. For a clear face & health....but one day my dad told me or sent me an email about green tea...about how it creates a bad reaction to the liver or something ? :s
& I asked him about it recently but he says he doesn't rememeber that.. is that true? Or is green tea just really good for you with no negative criticisms of it?



green tea is considered healthy because it is high in antioxidents (which helps in the prevention of some cancers). the only negative is that green tea has caffeine in it (just like regular tea and coffee), so if you drink too much it can be bad for you (affecting your heart, kidneys, and make you dehydrated which can affect your bowels). green tea (like regular tea), is essentially dried leaves. so theres really nothing bad about it.

Green tea is really good for your due to the antioxidants found in green tea.

These antioxidants help to prevent several forms of cancer, prevent diabetes type 1, help to lose weight, boost your metabolism, lower your blood pressure, help you get rid of acne, and green tea can even help to reduce the risks in smoking!

There are some side effects as well though mainly caused by one of its ingredients: caffeine.
Most of the side effects occur only when consumed in excess.

Green tea is very good for you as it has tons of antioxidants.

What the email might have contained was the oxalic acid content of green tea which may lead to kidney stones when it is taken in unusually large amounts.

So like any other thing on this earth, everything is best done in moderation - and that includes drinking healthy green tea.

Green Tea is really good for you because it is a powerful antioxidant with compounds that can shield you from many harmful diseases including cancer and heart disease. It is now known that green tea improves cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of cancer and helps with weight loss.

Green Tea has been proven helpful at:

Protecting joints against osteoarthritis
Preventing total body inflammation
Lowering your LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Preventing excess hormone activity
Shielding your body from abnormal cell growth
Protecting against lung cancer
Aiding weight loss
Improving your metabolism
Boosting your immune system
Improving skin cells
Destroying harmful bacteria that can poison your system
Preventing tooth decay

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Green tea is generally good for you. Think of the population of Asia and the fact that most people there drink green tea!

Also green tea can be very nice as a cold drink - just let the tea cool down, add ice and lemon. It's a great refreshing summer drink.

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I wouldn't really trust a random e-mail.

If you don't like green tea thwn brew it up and add to smoothies and such. Then you can't taste it.

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