Will the alarm go off if you steal a drink from gas station?!

Question: Will the alarm go off if you steal a drink from gas station?
like a monster or a soda


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>The fact of the matter is that ANY employer in their right mind is going to tell their employees NOT to be confrontational. After all, what if the thief has a gun and blows the employee away with it over a $1 pop? No, any owner who has any common sense what so ever or even cares about their employees will tell the employee to give the thief whatever they want and then call the police when it is safe to raise the alarm. It's not worth your life going after someone with a stolen soda with a baseball bat, only to end up dead.

From my shopping experience, the alarm goes off if an activated security tag goes through the detectors. And I don't see those attached to drinks, etc.

That said, from looking around convenience stores, I can say it looks like they have the inside (and out) of those places covered in security cameras.

And yeah, a lot of cashiers pack heat, or will come at you with a crowbar or something. I've seen it on tv.

But again to answer your questions, no: I can't think of a security system that can differentiate between an energy drink that you paid for and one you just ganked.

My own experience shopping.

Ir areas with high crime rates they just go after you with a wooden bat, not bothering with an alarm that might start you running away.

possibly, depending on the store, and how much crime the owner has to deal with
you will be arrested and charged for shoplifting.

not where im at new jersey but they have cameras i know alot of people who have stolen from these gas station stores lol

not if it doesn't have a security tag on it.

yes, definitely and you'll get a free trip to jail...

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