What coffee maker brews an entire cup but can dispense one cup at a time?!

Question: What coffee maker brews an entire cup but can dispense one cup at a time?
I saw a commercial where there was this coffee maker that brews an entire cup of coffee, holds the entire pot inside the machine keeping it fresh and warm, but will dispense at the push of a button one cup at a time. Has any one else ever heard of this? My father in law would love it! I'm trying to find one for him.


I think you mean, brews a whole pot then dispenses one cup at a time...

I have seen those commercials. The ones with the snarky *** daughter in law. Hamilton Beach Brew station...


Maybe you mean a Keurig coffee maker. My mom has one, but I think the "pods" of coffee used with it are kind of gross and even if you use your own coffee, it doesn't taste right or strong enough. It may be convenient, but if your father in law is very particular about the coffee he drinks, you may want to avoid getting a Keurig. If he doesn't care much, then it is great for convenience.

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