anybody know about powdered milk? cheap place to buy it?!

Question: Anybody know about powdered milk? cheap place to buy it?
in bc... i just bought a bag from superstore its supposed to make 15 litres, and it cost $15. from some things i read on the internet, i was under the impression that powdered milk is WAY cheaper than liquid.. a gallon is a bit more than $4 so this $1/litre is SLIGHTLY cheaper, but i thought it would be possible to get it for like 50c a litre or something??



I'm not a powdered milk expert, but I suppose there is an advantage to the fact that you can prepare small amounts as needed and that the rest will last indefinitely. This way there is no waste, as there is when you don't finish a gallon of milk and it expires. So you save money that way by letting none of it go to waste. I thought powdered milk was cheaper, too, but when you think about it, it is real milk with the added convenience of a shelf life, not an inferior product or an imitation. This could account for its surprising cost.

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