Is tea counted as weed?!

Question: Is tea counted as weed? know how tea is lik made of plants....and I get really weird when i drink is it technically weed, or like a form of it?


Some teas are very strongly caffeinated (even more than coffee). I dont stand well with caffeine so i feel strange when i drink strong teas. It might be why

Your typical tea is not weed, nor any derivative of it. Tea can be made from many things, leaves, roots, bark, seeds, berries, herbs, etc. Although, if you are looking to drink your way into a stoned state, you can brew a tea with Marijuana. Drink safely, my friend ;)

There are so many products made from plants! Tea is made from the camilla sinensis plant and millions of people drink it daily. It's definitely NOT weed.

tea is made of tea leaves. weed is marijuana, from the hemp plant. you can brew tea with weed but regular tea isnt weed.

It's probably just your response to the caffeine... possibly some other organic molecules in the tea mix.

It all depends on the psychotropic properties of the tea mix.

It depends what you smoke when you drink it.


yeah if you smoke it

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