Which tea do you prefer and why?!

Question: Which tea do you prefer and why?
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I like most most teas, but I'd have to say my favorite is Bigelow Orange & Spice.
The tea I've liked least is Earl Grey with bergamot. It must be an acquired taste because I think it's nasty.

I prefer high-quality loose-leaf tea.

I have no preference in terms of green, black, white, oolong, or Pu-erh. I love all these kinds of teas. I also like teas from many different countries: China, India, Japan, Taiwan, and others. Again, I have no clear preference. I like variety, I don't like to drink the same thing every day.

Right now, as I'm answering this question, I'm drinking a lighter oolong tea from Taiwan: http://ratetea.net/tea/wegmans/bao-zhong…

That's a pouchong or bao zhong tea. It's one of my many favorite kinds. But I can't pick any one favorite. The big issue for me is that I like loose-leaf and I like tea where I know the region it's from and that it's in a particular style...not just a generic blend of green or black tea.

I know it sounds boring but I prefer Green tea over all the other flavours. I just like the natural taste to it. It's so refreshing.

One mug of green tea a day. Just to help me lose weight. It actually helps.

Tazo green tea is my favorite.

It tastes good.

Jasmine tea - light and very fragrant tea

Green Tea.

green tea, for the flavor

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