If I drink monster energy drinks will I turn into a monster?!

Question: If I drink monster energy drinks will I turn into a monster?
I have been drinking monster energy drinks a lot recently, and I'm starting to notice drastic changes in my physical appearance. For one I believe I am slowly growing a tail, and I am also starting to find enjoyment of sleeping under beds and in closets. I am afraid if I turn into a monster I will have not chance at meeting any girls. Is there a way I can slow down the process and still enjoy the drink?


this question is a waste of everyones time........it deserves no answer. thankyou for the points... ha WOW

you wont urn into a monster -.-"

i drink monster every single day at least 1 can

Yes you will I'm a monster from drinking monster I'm purple monster =(

waait, is this a serious question .

I drink Red Bull frequently and i am like a bull now. Haha.


you will not turn into a monster, I AM SURE OF IT. Now my advice is go see a doctor or psychologist.

well you tell me..... i drank 4 monsters every day for 1 month and i turned into one! tell someone ASAP!!!!!

mmmmm... this sounds serious, have you been reading Kafka?

of course you will silly.that's common knowledge. and if u drink red bull, u'll get wings...elementray my dear

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