how does buying fountain pop work?!

Question: How does buying fountain pop work?
do you buy mix or something? and put it in a machine?


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it's a bag of syrup and a Co2 tank.

you push your cup against the thing and the C02 and syrup come out of separate hoses and mix together as it pours into the cup.

you buy the syrup witch comes from a wholesaler it will be labeled what syrup it is for example pepsi it will say it right on the box and the carbonated water will also come with it. you would have to contact a local bottling plant for pepsi or coke and order what products you want to sell.....hope this helps

if you are referring to companies that purchase it for restaurants and such

you buy canisters of syrup, and carbonation tanks... and the machine mixes the syrup and carbonation with water giving you soda

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