I want to get a seltzer water container to spray people like the clowns do.Where can i get one?!

Question: I want to get a seltzer water container to spray people like the clowns do.Where can i get one?
plz, low cost $30 max if u can


There are several places where you can purchase these online. From eBay (which has both vintage and new items available from a variety of sellers) to specialty internet retailers that sell all the supplies you could possibly need.

Here are some of the links:

A little more expensive but they have EVERYTHING you could possibly want to have to go with your seltzer bottle too:

on Amazon there are several listed:

Interesting site:

Try a search in google for "seltzer bottles" and you'll get several hits.


You don't say whether it needs to work or not, and whether it needs to be the classic design or not. Alas, I can't find a working, classic container in the price range (or even close to it). One problem is that, for reasons of safety, almost all modern soda siphons are made of metal, not glass.

For a functional container in the price range, there are a couple of choices at creamright.com The cheapest is $37.

For a decorative container, there are several on eBay. I suggest a Froogle search for either "soda siphon" or "seltzer bottle". There are several sold without the siphon mechanism; you can buy that separately. There are also several that are dollhouse size, so be careful to check the dimensions. I wouldn't trust most of those antiques, though. There's a reason they were usually in a steel mesh (kaboom!). Here's the only one I found that included that mesh, but it's way out of your range ($95).

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